About Me

Back in 2014 I was looking for something to do; those who know me know that I can't just have work and then have free time. This time must be filled. So I had some left over Marks and Spencer vouchers, which I used to buy a cake tin and some other cake related things. Then, using the power of the internet, I found a recipe for Victoria Sponge and decided to Snapchat the whole thing from start to finish. 

The Snapchat was well received and after finding out that I could edit the video together, I made it all into a movie that I uploaded to my forgotten about YouTube page. This went well too, and the following week I had a very special baking visitor staying with me, Miss She Who Bakes. She and I were attending a Cake and Bake Show that weekend, but first, she was going to teach me how to make her very special Creme Egg Brownies. This was to be my second video filmed on Snapchat, edited then uploaded to YouTube. 

From that point on Colin Has A Lot of Free Time: to bake, was born. The theme of baking, with random dances/entertainment happening while everything was in the oven was concluded after a 10 video run with my first ever Musical Bake: Shortbread. 

This was the end of Colin Has a Lot of Free Time and Colin's Time to Bake was born shortly after. The dance/entertainment in the middle of each video was to last until the 2014 Great British Bake Off, when I decided to further my baking knowledge by trying each Technical Bake as they did them on the show. This was a great way to push my knowledge of baking, by Baking with the Bake Off.

Since then, I have come up with some of my own recipes, made some more musical bakes (with the help of She Who Bakes for a couple of them) and even made some bakes inspired by TV and Movies

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