Colin's Time to Bake Sale

As well as creating weekly videos for YouTube, I also sell cakes and other baked goods. Below is a gallery of my work. For any enquiries email
Based in Greater Manchester area- Pick up only (unless discussed otherwise)
Bespoke Wedding Cakes - Birthday Cakes - Cupcakes - Cookies


Harry Potter Sorting hat cupcakes

Every cupcake has a reveal- telling you which Hogwarts House you are in. It's the sorting ceremony- but delicious! 
Vegan/Glutenfree available
£3 each 4/12 in batches


Unicorn Cupcakes


Original, Vegan and Gluten Free versions available. 
Cake flavours include- Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Lemon, and Candy. 

£3 each 4/6/12 in batches

Unicorns can be any colour. 


Various Buttercream Cupcakes

Original, Vegan, and Gluten free available. Perfect for celebrating life's little successes. 
Flavours include- Vanilla, Chocolate, Candy, Chocolate Mint, Coffee, Rose, Lemon, Gin and Tonic, Rum and Coconut, and Almond. 

Embellishments available. 

£2.50 each 4/6/12 in batches


Basic Cakes

Victoria Sponge 8"- Original/Vegan/Gluten Free available £20

Coffee Cake 8"- Original/Vegan/Gluten Free available £20

Heart Cake 6" long 3.5" wide 2.8" high Original only- £24

SPecialised Cake

Eevee Pokémon, and Pug Cake were specially made for birthdays. Each cake was 2 tiered with embellishments. Basic round cakes available with decorations on top. 
Original, Vegan and Gluten Free available. 
Flavours include- Vanilla, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Mint, and more. 

Cost: £50+ 


Shortbread Original/Vegan £12 for 30

Jammie Hearts Original/vegan £13 for 30

Viennese Whirls Original/Vegan £14 for 20

Pokemon Cookies Original/Vegan £12 for 30

Character Cookies Costs depending 

Chocolate Chip cookies- Original/Peanut Butter/Vegan £14 for 20

Lemon Drizzle Creams Original/Vegan £10 for 24