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Baking the Lush Products

Edible bath bombs


For those who know me, they know I enjoy Lush Cosmetics. Working for the company has given me a great insiders knowledge of how the products are made, where the ingredients come from and how they work. But most importantly, it made me realise how often people say, "Man, they smell so good, you want to eat them" or " it looks like food." 

So I took it upon myself, as someone who likes a challenge and likes to be creative, to make edible versions of the Lush products themselves. It started when Lush were doing a campaign for #gayisok and helping LGBT charities around the world by selling a bar of soap (aptly named Love) with the money going to AllOut.org, who would then make sure the money went where it was needed. I decided to see if I could make lemon rectangles that looked similar to the bars of soap. It tasted fine, but I have since learned that flavour is... well... important. Oh dear. 

Next to try out was the Comforter Bubble Bar. This one can be seen as a huge success as I was then asked to make one for my friend Lexi's grandmothers birthday. I seemed to have fixed the flavour problems I had had with the #gayisok Love Soap Cakes. Big phew. 

On to the next trial and error bake, which I did make 3 times to get the flavour and colour right, and that is the Catastrophe Cosmetic Muffins. They did turn out quite delicious, after I realised I needed to double the recipe or they came out like tough lumps of cake. 

Now I have been back to the drawing board and come up with some fun adaptations of the Christmas range they brought out this year. One of them, Candy Mountain is a layered cake made from 2 cakes I had made for another video, and topped with icing to look like the bubble bar. The other is the delicious Gingerbread Star Wands, otherwise known as The Magic of Christmas Wand. The video on how to make the Wands is here. Full written instructions are here. If you have anything you would like me to make into a bake, let me know. 

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Gingerbread Star Wands

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