Putting it all together

I’m overwhelmed, but dealing.


This Sunday I am running the Chicago Marathon. I’m excited, and nervous. It’s taken a very long summer of dropped social plans, exhaustingly sweaty running at 6am, and building up the endurance to get through the 26&1/2 miles.

I can do it. I will do it. I’ll be fine.

I am feeling overwhelmed by this mammoth task and comparing it to the previous marathon I did 6 years ago. Which I shouldn’t do. It’s a different marathon, on a different continent, and I’m also older. I am also trying to create baking content for 7 different social media platforms- which I am absolutely sure is doable, but I just need to get organised.

I know that I need to wait until this weekend is completed, that I’ll have the energy again.

I have given myself added pressure by constantly telling myself that it’s been a year and I STILL don’t have a business selling cakes yet. Things take time, but this has lost all priority and I am sad about that. Stagnated plans!!

I have just read a couple of Young Adult novels from John Green so I’m feeling super angsty and melodramatic (if I’m honest, that’s my usual state, haha).

if anyone who uses multiple social media platforms has ANY clue on how they stay on top of everything and don’t get overwhelmed by content creation- please let me know.