Kaloo-Kalay, there's a delay!

Update on whats happening with Baking with the Bake Off 2019.

I am SO sorry, and also frustrated, that my videos for Baking with the Bake Off are delayed. For those of you who follow me on instagram, twitter… and basically all the social medias, you will know that I completed Week 1 technical Angel Cake Slices. Where is the video to follow? DELAYED!

The reason being my laptop, for some reason, has decided it cant download what I filmed off my phone in one go. It is taking at least 20-30 minutes to upload small parts of my “walkthrough” and the actual footage of the bake itself, while not as big, is also taking ages to transfer over.

So I am on the look out for a new way to film and upload, since my iphone has decided that it needs to make the videos very heavy on the GB.

That’s it. That is whats taking so long, sorry everyone. I promise Ill make it up to you with 5 videos in short succession.

See you soon