Baking with the Bake Off- Week 1- Jaffa cakes

Full moon, half moon, total eclipse!

Delighted. That was my reaction to the news of the first technical bake for The Great British Bake Off. Jaffa Cakes! Those spongey, orangey, chocolatey cakes (that some say are biscuits...nutters) have grown up with me. I remember when they had Orangeytangs as prizes and I managed to collect them all. Now, I get the chance to make Jaffa Cakes! Delighted. 

Although that soon turned to horror when I realised some of the Bakers did NOT know what a jaffa cake looked like... SHAME! 

The sponge itself is sort of tricky, making sure you don't lose any air when you whip the egg and sugar together. Then folding in the flour... which I do NOT have a good technique for yet. All I know is, use a metal spoon.

Make the sponge mix, pop it into a flat muffin tin (cupcake tin for me, as I didn't have a flat tin) let rise slightly for 10-15 minutes. Take out leave to cool. 

The jelly was vegetarian for me, as I had the packet and I like working with Agar. It cools quicker than regular gelatine. Add some orange, and some colouring if you like. Leave to cool in a baking tray. Make sure you line it with greaseproof first. I made that mistake and couldn't get it out. Arg.

Once you master the jelly, cut it into circles, place on top of the sponge. Melt some chocolate and pour over. Just before that goes completely solid, use a fork to make a pattern on top. 

Eat and enjoy. I was delighted. I've now made them four times. FOUR! I know, what a legend. It was also my birthday on the 25th of August, some people made me some cakes, including my lovely husband. I felt like a king. A fat king. But a king none the less. SO MUCH CAKE! 

How would you rate me on the technical? Comment below. 

See you next week, for some Viennese Whirls. 



  Who doesn't love a bit of nostalgia. Check out the old advert for the full moon action.