Soufflé and my first ever LIVE broadcast

Baking Live

This week was the Great British Bake Off final, and so far I had been baking along. (Video evidence here) The Semi-Final saw them making chocolate Soufflé for the technical, and I knew this would be tricky to film and bake easily as it had to be done with a lot more grace and care than I normally bake. So I had the idea of doing a LIVE broadcast of my bake on YouTube right before the finale. The trouble was, there would be a 40 minute gap, where the Soufflé would be in the oven, and I worried about resorting to just showing me watching the oven door for the entire time. 

Luckily I invited people round, so then called upon them to play a game, a quiz and make some vegan meringues. So with this concept set in my head, I realised I would need some new video angles, so I hitched up some lovely duct-taped webcams to various angles in my kitchen. The encoder I downloaded to help stream my video allowed me to switch between the cameras... but not as easily as I would have wanted, so I created some 'in between shot' pictures, to entertain the folks watching LIVE at home (if there were any...) 


The time finally came, Jenny, Phoebe and Sam had arrived to watch (and then eat) and all I had to do was get to it. Luckily during the day I had practiced making the soufflé, I got some quick snaps of the various stages of the bake, but it didnt rise as well as I had hoped. However, that didnt matter as the main event was the LIVE bake itself, so that had to go well. If I am honest, even if it failed, I wouldn't have minded, we all know what happened to my baguettes the first time round. 

An unexpected moment came when Phoebe called her dad to ask a Soufflé question as apparently the man is quite the soufflé king. I got very over excited about the phone call, as you can see in the video. Next time, I will know to put phone calls on speakerphone so everyone can be part of it. Lesson learned. 


All in all, the bake went very well, my Soufflé came out of the oven risen to perfection and tasted amazingly chocolatey. Aside from the grainy aesthetics the video seemed to work fine (once I remembered to actually put sound on) and my entertainment while the bake was in the oven seemed to go down very well. Though disaster struck in the form of a Nip Slip Wardrobe Malfunction. It was the Superbowl all over again, and I was Janet. What a tragedy. 

My baking with the Bake Off series of bakes has now come to an end. It was great fun, and an insane challenge. Who knows what next year will bring. I will most definitely be doing some more LIVE bakes in future, with more games and more quizzes and special guests. Stay tuned to my channel by Subscribing so you won't miss any new videos. I have some new plans for my channel, and I am changing the way I create content to make for more exciting viewing. Oh, and there will be a return to the musical bakes very, very shortly. Some pictures of my bake are below. 

Thanks for reading, see you soon.