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The Lion King Cupcakes

The lion eats tonight

Loving Disney is a big part of my personality, from the early movies, to when I worked there in 2006 and 2008. This is where I met Stephie and Dave, who run the wildly popular Krispysmore channel on YouTube (go have a look!). They focus on all things Disney related and do some crazy challenges as well. This week, they came to visit, so I put their baking skills to the test. Dave is technically a chef... so they managed fine. We decided to dedicate their bake to their favourite movie The Lion King. Here is the recipe, so you too, can make your very own Lion King Cupcakes. 


Icing + Lion Head

300g butter ***

600g icing Sugar

1-2tsp icing Sugar

Food colouring (to colour the mane)

Plus! 300g Sugar paste modeling icing. (buy some here)


Cake (Vegan alternative below)

200g butter ***

200g caster sugar

2 eggs ***

200g self raising flour 

2tbsp milk ***

1-2tsp Almond Extract

Food colouring (for a lovely sunrise style)


Put your oven on to 175ºC/347ºF/Gas Mk 4

In a bowl, mix 200g of butter with 200g caster sugar (See vegan alternative above). Mix in 2 eggs and gently fold in 200g of self raising flour. Add in 2 tbsp of milk. The consistency should give a "healthy drop" from a spoon. Add 1-2tsp of almond extract (flavour is up to you) and mix gently. 

If you wish to create a lovely sunrise mix of colours, split the mix into two and colour however you wish. Spoon 1 tbsp into the bottom of your cupcake case of one colour, then 1 tbsp of the other on top. As long as you reach 1/2-2/3 of the way up the case, you will be fine. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes until spongey to the touch and a knife comes out clean. Leave to cool on a wire rack

The icing- Buttercream- Blend the butter and 300g of icing sugar in together until combined, gradually add the rest of the icing sugar in until a good stiff consistency, like a thick paste. You will want it to hold itself together when you pipe and not be too runny or too stiff. If it is too runny, add more icing sugar, if it is too stiff, drop in 1-2 tbsp of milk to loosen it up. Colour as desired for the mane. ***

Pop into a piping bag using whichever nozzle you want to give a textured mane and pipe in a swirl or decorative manner to give a hair effect. 

For the head- take 2/3 of the sugar paste and make it orange. the remaining 1/3 should be made a slightly lighter shade of orange to represent the lower jaw. Take a small amount about the size of a grape and turn that brown for the nose. 

To assemble, using the orange, make a ball about the size of a large grape, flatten the face slightly. Take a piece of the orange paste and make into a round edged rectangle. Place this in the middle of the circle, to fix it, add a bit of water/edible glue to the connecting side. Then take some of the lighter orange, and make a small cylinder to place underneath its "top jaw". With a cocktail stick or decorative tool, make a w shape on the 'top jaw" to represent the mouth. Then add a little of the brown to be the nose. Take a small piece of orange, split into two, and turn into small circles for the ears. Fix on with water/edible glue. Make two holes above the muzzle for its eyes. Place the face onto the top of the cupcake on the lower half of the cake and Ta Da! Your Lion Cupcakes are ready! This makes 16-20 cupcakes.

***Vegan Alternative additions

150ml almond milk, with 1 tsp cider vinegar. Add in 80ml of rapeseed oil and blend this together. When the time comes, add the sugar in and blend until frothy and pour into the dry mixture. Use 300g Plain/All Purpose flour with 2 tsp of baking soda instead of Self Raising Flour. 

For the vegan buttercream- 200g of vegan butter + 70-100g of vegetable shortening instead of the butter works fine. 

See you soon