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Cinnamon Rolls

How far I'll go... to make these!


Inspired by Disney's Moana and the swirly symbol on her sail, this week, I set out to conquer something I had not made before. Cinnamon Rolls. 


120ml Soy/vegan Milk (or regular milk)

50g Vegan Butter (or regular butter)

250g strong white bread flour

1tsp yeast

2 tsp caster sugar

olive oil (for the bowl)

2-3tbsp cinnamon

50g light muscovado sugar

70g vegan/regular butter (melted)


Start by melting butter into your milk in a pan over a medium heat. Heat until it melts, but don't let it boil. Once melted, let it cool to luke warm. 

In a bowl, sieve your flour. On one side, put your yeast, on the other, the caster sugar. Once cooled, pour your butter/milk mix. Stir together with a spoon until it comes together, then get your hands in and knead it to a ball. 

Pop into a new bowl, with some olive oil laced up the sides. Cover with cling film and leave to prove for 1-2 hours. I found out from Nancy- who was Bake Off winner 2014- that switching your oven light on, is enough heat for proving. If, like me, your light is broken; turn the oven on to a low heat, then switch off after 5 minutes and leave to cool slightly (so you can touch the rack again). This worked for me. I'm not posh, and don't have a proving drawer... or a fancy oven.

Once proved (it should be double the size, around the size of a good grapefruit), take out and knead slightly to flatten. Then roll, on a floured surface, so its 20cm wide and 40cm long. This will give you a good area to work with. 

Melt your vegan butter, and prepare the cinnamon and brown sugar. Lay your dough out so its short end faces you. Starting with the middle section, spread some melted butter and sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar over it. It will look like a belt. Fold over the dough, away from you, so it covers the filling. It will look like a pocket... sort of. Just go by the pictures.

Next, spread the rest of your top half with butter, cinnamon and sugar. Gently roll the bottom half up, making sure that the bottom edge is at least 2 inches over the top end. Again, go by the pictures. 

Now, cover your new top half with butter, cinnamon and sugar, and carefully roll up from the bottom. This will give the rolls the swirl shape you wand. Like a Z in the middle. I'm sure there is a name for this type of fold. But I don't know what it is. I googled it, in origami- It's called a Z fold. Who knew?

Now its rolled into a big sausage, the ends should sit, one on the top, the other on the bottom. Slice up 1/2 slices, or spaced out to cut around 9. Pop on a baking tray, cover with cling film, and leave to prove again for another hour. 

Pre-heat your oven to 175ºC and put your rolls in for around 15-20 minutes until they have puffed out slightly, and gone golden brown. Don't worry if the edges look crisp, they will have a good crunch to them, and that's just what this recipe is looking for. 

They should have a fun swirl pattern. You can add a drizzle if you wish. 

So that's it. Now go put your feet up, watch the video and eat a Cinnamon Roll. 

See you soon


Do you want a vegan cheesecake

Maybe make 12 mini ones?

Sainsbury's supermarket in the UK has launched its Vegan Cheese range*. As soon as I found out they did soft cheese, my brain was whirring with exciting Cheesecake ideas. Then it hit me, why not re-bake my Oreo Cheesecake with vegan cheese? With a little tinkering of the recipe, I was ready. But it had to be musical, and since my original Oreo Cheesecake was based on Let it Go from Frozen, I decided to revisit the movie for inspiration. 

*You can use any vegan soft cheese for this recipe.


(1/2 this recipe if you are making 12x mini cheesecakes)


700g Oreos* (biscuit only, keep the filling) (300g for the mini cheesecakes)

100g Vegan butter

100g Vegetable shortening

Cheesecake (1/2 this recipe

800g Vegan Soft Cheese (Sainsbury's Deliciously Free From is what I used)

200g Caster Sugar

4 tbsp Plain Flour

1 tbsp cider vinegar

2 tsp vanilla extract

7g/I sachet- Veggie Jelly Powder/Agar powder (use same amount for mini cheesecakes)


Oreo Filling (left over from making your base)

30-50g coconut oil 

Extra Oreos


*Before we begin, there is a chance that Oreos are not vegan as they could be cross contaminated in the factory. If you are concerned, use another biscuit, like a bourbon biscuit, using the filling as the topping in the same way. 

Also- If you are making the mini cheesecakes, follow the recipe- but split your mixture and base across 12x medium cupcake cases. You will still need to blind bake your 'bases'- but you only need 5 minutes in the oven. 

Let's start. Turn your oven on to 190ºC and prepare your Oreos. Scoop out the filling and keep to one side. Blitz the biscuits in a food processor till they become crumbs. Add in your butter and shortening and mash with your hands until combined. Mould this into a 23cm cake tin, making sure you go up the sides slightly. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes. The Oreo base will sink down towards the middle, so you can keep the shape with baking beans and greaseproof, or re-mould it after. Leave to cool 

In a bowl, mix together your vegan cheese, sugar, flour, vinegar and Vanilla. Take your packet of agar powder (7g) and add 100ml of water/vegan cream. Pour into your mix. Crush in a couple of Oreos too. Pour the mixture into your cooled Oreo base, letting it fill up and over the sides. Be sure to smooth it out. Bake in the oven at 190ºC for 30 minutes. (10-15 for mini cheesecakes) Put tinfoil on if you wish to prevent a brown top, but it doesn't matter much as you will be making a topping anyway. Once it is ready, there will be a slight wobble in the middle. 

Leave to cool completely, then place in the oven for an hour or two. This will solidify the agar. While this is in the fridge, make your topping by melting the Oreo filling with the coconut oil. Use 30g first, if it isn't runny, then add a bit more. It should be like a thick cream. 

Once the cheesecake has solidified completely, pour your topping on. Smooth right to the edge and then decorate with some extra Oreos however you wish! 


I will definitely be using Sainsburys Vegan Cheese every time I make a cheesecake now, as it is just as delicious. Though pricey at £1.75 each, but worth it. 

See you soon