Baking with the bake off

It's back! Baking with the Bake Off. Every year since 2014 I have been baking whatever technical challenge they throw at the Bakers in the tent. Sometimes it is a success, other times a huge mess. 


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Baking with the Bake Off

All of my attempts at the Technical Challenges from The Great British Bake Off from 2014-2018

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Movie and TV bakes

Merging the media of TV and Movies into a baking tutorial has never been weirder

Musical Bakes.jpg

Musical Bakes

I take a recipe and put it to song- then put on a wig and dance for you. From Disney to Little Shop of Horrors I have done it.

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Viewer Baking Challenge

You tell me what to bake, and I will do it... with varying success.


Vegan Bakes

Animal free baking!

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